Food Matters - Taking back control of your health

Education is a fantastic tool which assists us on our journey to reclaiming control over our own health. 

This must see film covers topics such as;

  • Dangers of GMO (Genetically Engineered Food), conventionally farmed & fast food 
  • Uncovers truth about the pharmaceutical companies
  • Safe and easy ways to treat a wide range of symptoms & diseases
  • How to treat 'untreatable' conditions
  • How to use food as medicine

Ancient wisdom and modern research are combined in this DVD to assist you to take back control of your health.

Watch the trailer below:

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The principles outlined in this documentary are at the core of every client protocol I create. When I work  with clients I focus on education alongside treatment. This creates lasting change and empowers individuals to learn to listen to their bodies, apply simple, yet effective changes into their life so they can reap lasting benefits in their health and longevity. Its' a pleasure to walk this journey with you!

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