Mood Appraisal Questionnaire 

This questionnaire is a useful tool which helps us assess your current neurotransmitter levels and possible deficiencies. It tests for a range of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (nor-adrenaline), histamine, endogenous opioids and more.

Neurotransmitter imbalances can contribute to symptoms such as mood imbalances, anxiety, low mood, depression, aggression, addictions, insomnia, agitation, weight gain, fatigue and more.

If you have been asked by our qualified naturopath to complete this questionnaire, you will be sent an email with a link. Please click on that link and it will take you to a personalised, secure page where you can fill in the 66 questions, please allocate 5 - 10 minutes to fill this in. Once you submit this it will automatically be send to us, and we will review the results in time for your next appointment.

If you are interested in this questionnaire and are not yet a client, we would be happy to assist you! It is important that in conjunction with conducting this test you see a qualified naturopath who can interpret the results for you and assist you with a naturopathic treatment plan to rectify any deficiencies.

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