Organic Gut Healing Bone Broth



3 – 4 Organic Marrow Bones

3 Liters of filtered water

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste


Mix all the ingredients together in a slow cooker or large pot. Bring to the boil and then allow to simmer covered for 8 – 24 hours.

Allow to cool, strain bone broth as you pour into clean glass jars or containers to keep in the fridge or freeze. It’s also a good idea to fill ice cube trays so you can pop out a few cubes for using in cooking when you haven’t had time to defrost a whole container of broth.

Keep in fridge for up to 5 days or freeze and keep for up to 3 months. 


Bone broth is jam packed with nutrients and minerals that help to heal the gut, joints and cartilage - it's a great addition for a healthy diet

Bone broth makes a great base to many different recipes

Use in place of stock in recipes

Use to add extra flavor to meals

Drink daily on it’s own as a superior gut healing tonic

Add veges to the bone broth and blend to make a gut healing soup