3: Decoding Paleo

This is a jam packed show touching on the hot topic of Paleo or Paleolithic Diet, shedding light on the background and benefits of eating a diet low in grains and processed carbs, the damaging effects of over consumption of grains, why some people can’t seem to stop eating, the link between grains, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome/diabetes and the dangers of GMO foods. Angela puts all this into context to help establish the basis of a balanced diet that is achievable and helps you feel great and get optimal results from your body.

Show notes and resources

3 Take Away Keys

  1.  Reduce Grain Intake (increase vegetable and lean meat/protein consumption)
  2. Buy certified organic food 
  3. Hand Portion Size - Use this to help you eat the right type of foods at each meal and the right portion sizes

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Please note: The information given in this podcast is for informational purposes only it is not intended as personal medical advise or treatment. We recommend that you seek advise from a licensed health care professional for your own personal circumstances before applying any new treatments discussed in this podcast.