22: Top Herbs For Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue

In this show Angela delves into the remarkable world of Phytotherapy and herbal medicine as she discusses a group of herbs called 'Adaptogens'. These herbs have a remarkable ability to assist our body in adapting to stressors - either mental, emotional or physical - helping the body back to homeostasis, boosting our energy and immunity and helping us heal.

Studies have shown that these adaptogenic herbs can reduce blood cortisol levels by up to 27% and overall stress, anxiety and insomnia markers by 75%. This is a remarkable result, especially when there are little or no side effects from herbs compared to the long and varied side effects from conventional medications. This makes herbal remedies, and specifically adaptogens, a very valuable addition to any treatment plan, to help your body heal, recover and reach it's ultimate potential.

Listen today to find out more ways adaptogens can start helping your body back to health and energy today!

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