65: Why Eat Organic Meat with Matt Roberts (Part 2)

Part 2 in this series, we chat with Certified Organic Butcher Matt Roberts about the benefits of using different cuts of meat, how to make up a good, gut healing bone broth. How you can know the animals & livestock are being cared for properly when buying meat. The difference between concentrated feed lot animals and pasture raised organic, happy livestock. Matt shares with us what the inside of an organic farm looks like and much more! Join us today to learn more and know you're getting the safest and best quality meat for you and your family!

Show Notes & Resources

• Matt Roberts, Allsop & England Organic Butchers
297 Old Cleveland Rd
Coorparoo Queensland 4151
(07) 3397 4117

Elliott Premium - Matt's Queensland based Certified Organic beef & lamb farmer he mentioned on the show.

Bendele Farm - Matt's Queensland based Certified Organic chicken, ducks & turkey farmer. Great photos and updates on their facebook page of goings ons on the farm!

Food Inc

• Food Matters documentaries to learn more about the behind the scenes of how our food and livestock is being raised and grown - jam packed movies with great information!