50: Amy Darcy on Perfectionism and Finding Peace

Join us for this inspirational interview with our host & naturopath Angela Busby & Amy Darcy, founder of Eat Pray Workout, a popular health and fitness blog catered to women.

You'll be encouraged as you hear topics covered such as:

  • How to grow beyond perfectionism, learn to be kind to ourselves and still ace our goals.
  • Amy's daily fitness routine (and free printable workout routines for listeners!)
  • Diets - do they really work?
  • How to have a healthy relationship with food & love your body
    And much more

Resources & Shownotes

busbynaturopathics.com - head to our website for more info on a range of health topics
- eatprayworkout.com - Amy Darcy's Website
- Article on perfectionism
- Fitness apps article
- Amy's #1 fitness app she uses "NIKE TRAINING CLUB"
- Book recommended on the show Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? (Kate Swann, Kristina Mamrot)