98: Healing Trauma & Emotional Freedom

If you have ever experienced anxiety, stress, anger, saddness or any overwhelming emotion then the keys in this heart felt episode could change your life and help bring you balance and freedom in your emotions, body and mind.

Angela helps us take a step back and look at the experiences and the parts of our unique 'story' which have brought us to this point in our life and the way we can resolve old, unhelpful beliefs and stuck trauma or emotion to bring balance, peace, true happiness and freedom! You can be well and whole so don't give up. With the powerful tools Angela shares in this episode you can be catapulted forward in your journey of emotional healing and live the full, wonderful life you were created for!

90: Flower Essences and Emotional Balance

In this heart felt episode Angela chats to us about the power of bringing balance back into our lives, how we can create a little more perspective so we can slow down, create more peace and happiness and learn from whatever emotions we experience. She also explains what flower essences are, how they work and runs through some of the main essences to get us started. These wonderful essences are a great, safe way to help bring emotional balance and stabilize us through periods of stress or change.


The flower essences Angela referenced in the show: 

  • Bach Flower Remedies (Northern hemisphere flowers)
  • Bush Flower Remedies (Southern hemisphere flowers)
  • "Rescue Remedy" (a Bach Flower Mix) is a retail version you can purchase at most health food stores and pharmacies and is a great emergency essence for any stress, anxiety, trauma, to use before an exam or presentation etc and even great for kids (especially when they are melting down and overemotional/fatigued etc)