90: Flower Essences and Emotional Balance

In this heart felt episode Angela chats to us about the power of bringing balance back into our lives, how we can create a little more perspective so we can slow down, create more peace and happiness and learn from whatever emotions we experience. She also explains what flower essences are, how they work and runs through some of the main essences to get us started. These wonderful essences are a great, safe way to help bring emotional balance and stabilize us through periods of stress or change.


The flower essences Angela referenced in the show: 

  • Bach Flower Remedies (Northern hemisphere flowers)
  • Bush Flower Remedies (Southern hemisphere flowers)
  • "Rescue Remedy" (a Bach Flower Mix) is a retail version you can purchase at most health food stores and pharmacies and is a great emergency essence for any stress, anxiety, trauma, to use before an exam or presentation etc and even great for kids (especially when they are melting down and overemotional/fatigued etc)

61: Emotional Healing & NET with Sharon Wilford (Part 2)

Welcome back to our awesome 2 part series talking with our guest Sharon Wilford about using NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) to release stuck emotions and energy which may holding us back, keeping us physically sick and causing a host of unwanted conditions such as anxiety, depression, fear, phobias, shyness and more.

In this episode Sharon runs us through a step by step example NET session, so we know exactly what to expect, she also explains how to find a good therapist that you really connect with. We touch on NIS (Neurological Integration System) as well as earthing and how this can be helpful to a whole range of conditions. We also compare NET to other energetic therapies (acupuncture, EFT, kinesiology) helping us know which therapy to use and when. This is a rip roarer of an episode so tune in today to start regaining balance in your body and mind!

PS - If you haven't already, jump back to last week to catch the first part of this interview. Happy Listening!

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60: Emotional Healing & NET with Sharon Wilford

In this episode we discuss a ground breaking therapy called NET, Neuro Emotional Technique, a very simple but very effective therapy which can help to release old trauma's, remove unhelpful, stuck memories & feelings and bring a new centered stability to our emotions, thereby addressing things such as anxiety, depression, phobias, fears and much more!

By releasing these emotional blockages we also allow our bodies heal physically. If you have been finding a road block in your healing journey then this could be exactly what you have been missing. Join us in this 2 part series to learn more and find the health & freedom to live the life you were created for!

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38: Emotions - How They Affect Your Body

Have you been trying to get well for a long time and not seen much progress? Perhaps you've tried every treatment under the sun - all of which may have worked for others but not for you. Well you are not alone and in this episode rather than looking only at physical ways to achieve healing Angela delves into the interesting world of how our emotions, memories and past traumas can affect our bodies even 30+ years later and how we can start processing these unresolved emotions and energy so that we can allow our bodies to truly heal.

Angela also shares with us a number of practical therapies that can assist with helping to shift and resolve these past emotional events so that we can live a life that is present, whole and filled with joy - with our body and mind at peace.

Show Notes & Resources

Emotional release therapies Angela mentioned in the show:

  • Headspace - Mindfulness Meditation App - great for beginners and experienced meditators.
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Neurological Integration System (NIS)
  • Homeopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Journaling to get in touch with your own emotions and understand what may be underlying your current state of health.

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