76: Iridology - What Your Eyes Are Telling You (Part 2)

In this follow up episode we continue exploring the different signs in our eyes and what they are telling us about our health.

Angela shares with us what different eye colour correlates too, where our organs are represented in the iris and some simple signs too look for to tell when our body is too stressed, having digestive issues and much more! Listen in today to learn what your eyes can tell you about your health!

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75: Iridology - What Your Eyes Are Telling You

Have you ever wondered if your eyes can tell you something about your health? Why do your eye change colour slightly, do those dark spots mean anything? Why do you sometimes see a blue ring around the outside of the iris? This episode covers all this and more as Angela chats with us about iridology - a tool used by naturopaths to help identify the health status of the body and its organs. This has been used for many years and can tell us a great deal being a very simple and non-invasive assessment method.

Angela gives us a description of some of the main iridology signs and what health conditions they correlate too. So pick up a mirror and get listening to learn what your eyes can tell you!

PS - This is a 2 part series so tune in next week to hear the rest!