68: Life Saving First Aid Tips

Angela shares with us some great signs to look out for to know when a loved one needs emergency assistance and what to do until the paramedics arrive.

Types of emergencies covered include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma / Allergies
  • Snake or Spider bite

Knowing when to call 000, 112 (for remote locations when there is no phone reception) or 911 in USA can truly save a life. So listen to this short and sweet episode to feel more confident and knowing when and how to respond to an emergency and save a life!

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51: Homeopathic First Aid for Your Family (Part 2)

Tune in this week to hear the next 6 homeopathic remedies that Angela personally uses and recommends listeners have in their medicine cabinets for all first aid incidences. Angela shares with us remedies for burns, bites, stings, cuts/abrasions, common children ailments, nose bleeds, excess bleeding, sunstroke and much more!

49: Homeopathic First Aid for Your Family (Part 1)

We promised you a natural first aid kit and here it is! This is a 2 part series covering the top 11 homeopathic FIRST AID remedies everyone should have in their home medicine cabinet for those unexpected accidents.

Homeopathics are great, inexpensive but very effective energetic based remedies that have an effect in the body almost immediately. So this makes them great for first aid situations. In this episode Angela shares with us her personal favourite remedies for sprains, muscle/joint injuries, nausea, fevers, hangovers, common children upsets and much more!

You will leave this episode feeling confident that you can apply effective natural first aid for you and your family next time they need you!

Remember to tune in next week to hear about the remaining 6 remedies!