92: 5 Summer Fitness Tips

As summer rolls around we wanted to share some super practical and fun ideas for getting fit and healthy this sunny season. Angela outlines 5 simple ways to do this even in a busy schedule and shares with us why movement is so important for the body - especially for our lymphatic and venous systems which do not work properly without skeletal muscle movement. This means not only will you get fit and toned but you will also be boosting your immune system, helping your skin glow and ensuring your heart is healthy while you start moving this summer. Enjoy these tips!

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Angela's 5 summer fitness tips.

  1. Walk the dog! (Or the neighbors)
  2. Walk with a girlfriend or organise a group of friends
  3. Add movement to ordinary tasks i.e. park further away from the shops and walk, take the stairs, ride or walk to work, do some squats while holding your baby
  4. Do 15mins of yoga and/or Pilates every morning
  5. Pick up a new sport as a hobby, get the kids involved too!

55: Marina Perry on Pilates


This episode is a rip roarer of an interview with Marina Perry, entrepreneur, pilates instructor, health club founder and mother of two.

Grab a cuppa and join in as Marina & Angela chat about some juicy topics including: how we can develop our bodies to be strong, lean and healthy through the wonderful practice of pilates. How pregnancy is NOT a disease and tips on how you can be at your healthiest and strongest while your pregnant and bounce back into shape easily after birth. Explore what it means to find your passion and live authentically.

There is SO much wonderful information that we have split this interview into a 2 part series. So stay tuned next week for more!

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50: Amy Darcy on Perfectionism and Finding Peace

Join us for this inspirational interview with our host & naturopath Angela Busby & Amy Darcy, founder of Eat Pray Workout, a popular health and fitness blog catered to women.

You'll be encouraged as you hear topics covered such as:

  • How to grow beyond perfectionism, learn to be kind to ourselves and still ace our goals.
  • Amy's daily fitness routine (and free printable workout routines for listeners!)
  • Diets - do they really work?
  • How to have a healthy relationship with food & love your body
    And much more

Resources & Shownotes

busbynaturopathics.com - head to our website for more info on a range of health topics
- eatprayworkout.com - Amy Darcy's Website
- Article on perfectionism
- Fitness apps article
- Amy's #1 fitness app she uses "NIKE TRAINING CLUB"
- Book recommended on the show Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? (Kate Swann, Kristina Mamrot)