91: Herb Highlight - Astragalus The Immune Booster

This herb is one of Angela's favourite herbs which has been on her dispensary since day one! Angela explains how this herb is fantastic for chronic lowered immunity and ongoing infections and immune problems, it's also great for stress, lowering blood pressure, heart function and much more!

Listen in today to learn how you could use this herb to boost your immunity, give you energy and help keep you cool, calm and collected through times of stress.


  • Common Name: Astragalus
  • Botanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus
  • Main Actions: Immune enhancing, tonic, adaptogen, cardiotonic, hypotensive, diuretic.
  • Main Safety Considerations: Not advisable in acute infections. Best not used with immunosuppressant drugs. If you are on any medication best to notify your doctor before starting any new supplements or herbs.

59: Viruses, Mycoplasma & Immune Boosting

Have you been struggling with your immune for a long time? Maybe you wake up everyday with a sore throat or you catch everything that goes around. If so then you may be dealing with a stealthy viral or mycoplasma infection. In this episode Angela explains what viruses and mycoplasma are and how we can specifically target them with herbal medicine, while also boosting our immune system. Addressing these infections head on means we can truly heal, prevent future infections, conditions and complications. Angela outlines some herbs new to Australia that have loads of exciting research surrounding their potent anti-viral, anti-mycoplasma use! Boost your immune today by listening to this episode!

34: Boost Your Immune System

In this episode Angela looks at effective, natural ways we boost our immune systems including the use of herbs with immune enhancing properties and nutrients that boost our immune's biochemical pathways such as zinc, vitamin C, beta-glucans, antioxidants and more.

Angela also reminds us to consider the often overlooked foundations of a healthy immune system such as adequate rest, relaxation, exercise and a healthy diet, as it is these factors that will enable us to have robust immune systems for many years to come!

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