56: Marina Perry on Authenticity and Goal Setting (Part 2)

Round two of this awesome interview series with Marina Perry. In this episode Marina and Angela get chatting about the value and power of finding your own authenticity and the best way to set goals and achieve them! With practical tips on how you can embrace your own imperfections and learn to love yourself unconditionally, this episode will leave you warm fuzzies with a smile on your face!

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55: Marina Perry on Pilates


This episode is a rip roarer of an interview with Marina Perry, entrepreneur, pilates instructor, health club founder and mother of two.

Grab a cuppa and join in as Marina & Angela chat about some juicy topics including: how we can develop our bodies to be strong, lean and healthy through the wonderful practice of pilates. How pregnancy is NOT a disease and tips on how you can be at your healthiest and strongest while your pregnant and bounce back into shape easily after birth. Explore what it means to find your passion and live authentically.

There is SO much wonderful information that we have split this interview into a 2 part series. So stay tuned next week for more!

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