113: Pregnancy Nutrients (Part 1)

This 2 part series provides an easy to understand overview of the main nutrients needed during pregnancy and specifics as to why we need them, what roles they play for baby and for mum.

Angela also ties in the role of methylation and when we need to consider activated nutrients, how we can use diet to boost our intake and how to reduce our risk factors for gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

This is a power packed series that will leave you feeling positive and empowered to have a happy healthy pregnancy!

108: Sneaking Nutrients Into Your Diet with Smoothies

In this very practical episode Angela breaks down for us exactly what goes into her nutrient-packed morning smoothie and the health benefits of each ingredient (e.g. cacao, LSA, lecithin, chia seeds and much more!). A smoothie is a great way to sneak so many vitamins, minerals, protein and EFA's into your daily diet, so listen in today if you want to boost your health and enjoy a delicious, ice cold drink at the same time!

Get the Chocolate Bliss Smoothie recipe here > 

99: Nutrients For Pyroluria

In this practical episode Angela sheds light for us on the best way to treat Pyroluria, outlining the most effective nutrients to help bring balance to the body and mind, assist in anxiety reduction, lower stress & boost mood. She discussed the best forms of zinc and B6 to try and how it can be important to monitor levels and try different formulations. If you've been struggling with Pyroluria listen today to find hope and help on your journey!