211: Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

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Learn about the many health benefits of vitamin D from preventing auto-immunity, improving autism, preventing colds & flus, reducing PCOS symptoms and more! Angela also shares how we can test our levels and the optimal range we need to achieve to maintain health.

209: Food Intolerances In Children

This episode looks at the growing epidemic of food allergies & intolerances in children and it’s link to eczema, asthma and other serious health conditions. Angela explores how we can test for these intolerances and ways we can go about building resilience in our children’s gut and immune system to lower the incidence of these conditions.

208: How To Get A Better Night Sleep

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Angela shares with us the best selection of herbs, nutrients and foods to improve our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night so we can wake up truly refreshed. She also looks at some of the common mistakes people make that can greatly inhibit our ability to get a restful sleep, so we can create healthy sleep habits instead.

205: How To Increase Your Milk Supply

Breastfeeding can be a very difficult challenge for many women. Angela shares her own story, while sharing the tips and natural strategies she learnt along the way to effectively increase breast milk supply. A heartfelt “hooray!” to every woman out there who, against many odds, is taking the time & energy to try and breastfeed, you are doing a wonderful job and are amazing just as you are mama, no matter how things turn out! Hopefully this episode can encourage and assist you in this journey. ❤️

203: Why See An Osteopath?

Back pain, stiff joints, sore muscles, headaches, siatica... all this and more can be greatly helped and even eliminated with the physical therapy called Osteopathy. A centuries old therapy that works with bones, muscles and fascia. Listen to this episode to learn more about osteopathy and why it might be worth seeing one.

202: Which Type Of Turmeric Is Best?

Turmeric is a wonderfully potent anti-inflammatory herb/spice that can be used to help promote heart & liver health, ease pain, prevent aging, sooth muscle and joint pain and more. Angela looks at these benefits and the different ways we can include Turmeric in our daily lives, including a newly researched form of curcumin called demethoxycurcumin. 

201: Tips For Entertaining Toddlers

Got a busy little person that is hard to keep occupied? Listen in to todays episode to get inspired with some practical ideas for creating a fun, interesting, learning environment at home for your little one. These are gleaned from Angela's own experiments in entertaining her busy little toddler bee ;D

200: Q&A Ask the Naturopath - 200th Episode!

Woop! We’ve made it to our 200th episode! Today Angela answers 3 listener questions on coconut oil & how much is safe to take, nutrients for healthier hair and kombucha benefits & daily amounts to take. We hope you can celebrate with us these last 4 years of episodes and look forward to journeying the next 4 (and more!) together!

196: Why Nuts Are NOT a Complete Source of Protein

Do you eat nuts, seeds, grains or dairy thinking you are getting your complete protein needs met? You may need to think again. Angela explains how on their own these foods cannot meet your protein needs, however she shares with us a way to combine these foods to create a complete protein. Also learn the role of proteins and amino acids for our health in this insightful episode.

194: Is Your Gut Making You Sick?

Ever wondered why your always sick, and if there could be a link between your gut function and your immunity? Well this episode explains this! Angela shows us how the different parts of the gut directly relate to our immune system, what happens when they break down and how we can begin healing them to not only rebuild our digestion but also have a stella immune system once again. It is possible!

192: Gut Flora In Infants and Toddlers

Learn about the essential roles the bacteria in our children’s gut play, how the gut micro biome is formed and what challenges it may face incl. antibiotics and c-section births. There are many great things we can do to support the growth and development of our children’s gut and digestive system, learn these tips and more in this episode!