152: Benefits of Bone Broth, Soups and Stews

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Bone broth is an amazing anti-inflammatory food which is very healing for the gut, joints and immune system. We can use bone broth to make some amazing soups and stews adding additional vegetables to super charge our nutrient intake in a very easy, quick and cost effective way! Listen in to hear additional benefits and get inspired to crack out the slow cooker and start making these yummy, healing winter meals.

149: How To Increase Breast Milk Supply

In this practical episode Angela shares from research and personal experience practical, easy ways to increase your breast milk supply. Whether you are expressing or breastfeeding, it is not uncommon to struggle with producing enough milk to meet your bubs demand, so you are not alone, but listening in and applying these tried and true methods can make a huge difference and help you bring up your milk supply quite quickly and effectively!

148: The Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Glandular Fever

If you've ever struggled with persistent fatigue then this is episode is a must listen! Angela highlights the link between the common viral infection (EBV) which causes Glandular Fever and the onset later in life of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She explains how this affects our immune system, energy, physical and mental abilities and how we can get proper testing done so we can start the steps to healing, allowing us to once again feel energised, healthy and get back our passion for life!

145: DIY Onion Poultice for Colds, Coughs & Flu

Learn how to make a quick, easy onion poultice to help relieve coughs, colds and flus, help heal ear aches, congestion and support your body to recover quickly!

We’re glad to be back with you in 2018, thanks for being patient with us while we had a break after the birth of our new baby! We’re back to recording our episodes weekly so tune in next week! See you all then!

144: A New Way to Achieve Your Goals

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This week Angela shares with us some new ideas around setting goals, being clear on what it is you really want, and how most people overestimate what they can do in a day, but underestimate what they can do in a year. Listen in for some simple, practical steps to start making progress and positive changes in your life!

143: 5 Reasons to Take a Walk Today

Angela shares with us 5 important and inspiring reasons why getting out and moving our body helps us feel happier, stronger, more energetic, and helps prevent many ailments!

She shows us why exercise can improve our immune system, heart health, bone density, energy, mood and more! So pop on this podcast and grab your shoes to take a stroll around the block as you learn why moving is so wonderful for your health!

142: The Dangers of Antacid and Proton Pump Inhibitor Use

In this revealing episode Angela discusses the uses, potential risks and dangers associated with long-term use of 2 readily prescribed medications - proton pump inhibitors and antacids. She also goes further to give us natural alternatives to these drugs, with wonderful herbs that pose no harmful side effects and can actually start to help us treat the problem of reflux and heartburn at the root cause!

141: Why Choose An Active Birth?

In this episode Angela explains the difference between a conventional, medically managed birth and a traditional active birth. The birthing process is a natural, safe process which women have done for thousands of years! It's only in the last century we have really started to medicalise birth to an extent that we can often be offered and even pressured into unnecessary medical intervention leading to unhelpful outcomes for both mum and bub.

Listen in today to learn the benefits of going back to basics - using upright, squatting or kneeling positions, limited intervention and natural methods of pain relief to encourage a natural, healthy birth that leaves you feeling strong, calm and empowered!

140: 3 Key Herbs for Optimal Heart Health

In this concise episode Angela shares with us her 3 favorite herbs for protecting and supporting heart health - Hawthorne, Garlic and Coleus. These herbs can help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, help keep your arteries and veins clear as well as supporting circulation and acting as a general heart tonic.

Listen in today to learn why these herbs are useful and how to use them to keep your heart happy and healthy!

139: The Pain and Power of Change

In this episode Angela invites us to open our hearts and have a meaningful chat about this pivotal, and sometimes painful, part of life: Change. Often we think change only comes out of a place of strength and inspiration, but many powerful, true changes come from a deep place of desperation. Although uncomfortable, getting to the end of ourselves can lead us to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities that we never knew existed and suddenly change dawns upon us in a powerful, inevitable and wonderful way. Listen in today to gain the encouragement and strength you need to step into the season of change that awaits.

138: Why Should You Strengthen Your Core?

Strengthening your core has many health benefits, not the least of which being to: Reduce or eliminate lower back pain, protect your spine and alignment, increase your strength, tone your abdomen and much more! Listen in today to learn why you should start spending even just 5 mins a day to strengthen this amazing part of your body!

137: Optimal Fetal Positioning

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Learn why it's important to encourage your baby into an optimal position in your womb throughout pregnancy and especially leading up to birth! Having a baby in an optimal position can greatly assist labour, reducing the length of time, pain and distress to both mum and bub.

With the simple techniques Angela shares in this episode, such as forward leaning and sitting positions, you can encourage your little one to get snug and comfy in the ideal position for both of you to have a wonderful birth experience. Listen in today to learn more!

Show notes & Resources

- Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning Book

- SpinningBabies.com

136: Treating Ear Infections Without Antibiotics

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In this episode Angela draws from her own personal experience with reoccurring ear infections as a child, having since learnt how we can heal ear infections safely and naturally without the use of harsh, gut disturbing antibiotics. Simple things like colloidal silver and garlic oil can be very effective at stopping an ear infection in its tracks! Angela also discusses how we can strengthen the body to prevent them in the first place too.

135: Healing Sinus Infections Naturally

Learn some simple and powerful natural remedies to treat sinus infections without the use of drugs or antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause havoc in the gut and leave us exposed for reinfection. Using the herbal and nutritional remedies Angela shares with us in this episode helps our body knock out infections as well as prevent them from reoccurring in the first place!

134: 3 Fantastic Herbs to Naturally Treat Back, Joint and Arthritic Pain

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Learn about 3 wonderful herbs, Boswellia, Turmeric & Willow Bark, which you can use to naturally treat back pain, joint pain or any arthritic aches and pains! These are Angela's top 3 picks when she wants to treat joint pain with natural anti-inflammatories and analgesics. It is possible to create pain relief naturally and slowly move away from the heavy drugs and medication. Listen in today to learn how!

133: Breastmilk and Baby’s Gut Flora Connection

In this episode Angela shares with us the amazing link research has now discovered between the good bacteria in the digestive tract of a breastfeeding mum and its transference, through breast milk, to her baby.

Through a very specialised system, our body can pass on to our children the good bacteria and probiotics from our own gut that our babies need to inoculate their digestive and immune systems, supporting them from day one to grow up strong and healthy! Listen in to learn about this amazing benefit of breastfeeding.