What our clients are saying:

Angela Busby gives her heart and soul to each patient. She genuinely cares about your well being and shows it. Her remedies can often be simple but so effective and easy to follow through with at home. Her focus is on helping your body work at its maximum efficiency rather than just ridding you of symptoms. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
— Sabrina Holmes (Dubai, UAE)
Angela is clearly a passionate and dedicated Naturopath. She was understanding, warm, caring, but most importantly professional and extremely knowledgeable! She took excellent care of my daughter with her eczema and knew exactly what to test for and how to resolve the issues we’d had so much trouble diagnosing through the medical system. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she’s amazing!!
— Katrina (Brisbane, QLD)
12 Years ago I developed abdominal pain and diarrhea during or just after every meal. Subsequent visits to my doctors yielded numerous blood tests, a Gastroscopy and Colonoscopies x 2. All these test came back normal and the doctors told me I was fine (no coeliac disease or other abnormalities). I was labelled with having Irritable Bowel Syndrome with possible food sensitivities. I was told there was no treatment available. Meeting with Angela has changed all this. On our first meeting I was very keen to do the Full Diagnostic Stool testing as I wanted feedback on the status of my bowel health. The stool analysis results confirmed reasons for all the symptoms I was experiencing. I had parasites, bacterial imbalances and digestive imbalances. Specific treatment was able to address these issues and I was surprised at how quickly my symptoms were relieved. I committed to taking all the supplements prescribed and my body is rebalancing and healing. I want long term results that last and am happy to continue supplements that benefit my overall health. A secondary bonus from treatment has been an improvement in my skin. My skin was very fragile (more like that of an eighty year old, not a fifty year old). But with my improved digestion I now have no broken blood vessels on my skin. After 12 years of diarrhea and abdominal pain being a constant companion, I now have no diarrhea and no abdominal pain. Thanks!
— Sue (Cleveland, AUS)
I started seeing Angela in January this year (2014) after about four to six months of noticing that my hair was falling out in large amounts. I also had no energy, was irritable, forgetful and generally unmotivated. Angela recommended hair mineral analysis, which revealed mineral deficiencies. As soon as I started taking the supplements she suggested I started to feel more energetic and less vague. I had also had pretty severe cyclical breast tenderness on and off for probably two years prior to seeing Angela. I had actually seen two other natural health practitioners about this issue with limited success. After getting me back on track with the minerals, Angela started adding supplements to support my liver to better process estrogen. It took awhile to get the problem sorted, probably six months, but I’ve had three months of pain free cycles now. I’m quite relieved that my body is working better now as I was concerned about what could happen down the track if the liver wasn’t able to effectively process that estrogen out of my system. Angela has a lot of knowledge to share, really listened to me and carefully considered the best options for treatment.

She also treated my daughter who is 11 and has Lyme disease. A lot of practitioners have no clue about what to do with Lyme disease in Australia, but Angela’s treatment started helping Lily right away.
— Yvette (Thornlands, AUS)
I have had an amazing experience at Busby Naturopathics. I have been there approx: 4 times and each time Angela has been very friendly and caring, always listening to every word I had to say and extremely thorough and spot on in their diagnosis of the problems I had. Angela created a personalised treatment protocol for me and I was given specific supplements to take and when I returned a couple of months later, there was so much improvement in me that I was shocked.

Busby Naturopathics is now where I will continue to go as I have faith in them, they are inexpensive and they do a fantastic job and make me feel very comfortable and cared for.What I love the most is that they take their time with the clients and work with excellence. I would gladly recommend Busby Naturopathics to every one I meet as I think they have done a great job in helping me heal.
— Jacqueline (Stanthrope, QLD)
Angela’s podcasts are so informative and easy to listen to! She explains everything in such an easy to understand manner - I feel like I’ve learnt so much in a short half an hour! I love that I can listen to her while I’m working at my desk, in the car or on my phone if I’ve got a few spare minutes while I’m waiting for something.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!
— Jennifer
All the information Angela provides is bite sized and easily digested! She presents terms and philosophies in ways that are easy to understand and breaks down a lot of jargon surrounding common health issues and diseases. Her passion for healthy living comes through the podcast and it is wonderfully refreshing!
— Sarah
I’ve learned so much from this show already. I love Angela’s easy to follow presentation style and would recommend it to anyone!
— Jenny
Angela is so precise and clear to understand. I learnt a lot from the information she gave. We all need to know what to do with our health and she provides so much clear information for us to go on, free of charge. I am very impressed and will recommend this podcast to everyone I know, as every one can benefit from it. It is i the kind of information we need, not just to heal ourselves but to prevent illness so I will be subscribing and listening every week for sure. She talks about things that affect every one of us. This health information is greatly needed by all.
— Jacqueline
Angela brings a concise and enlightening perspective to the table with these great bite sized podcasts. Her knowledge is matched only by her passion and enthusiasm for getting the message out to people about health. Great work Angela. Keep up the good work !
— Kerfuffle
This podcast has provided me some awesome ideas to help me get healthier in 2015! I love the tips of the week which are really easy to put into practise. Angela does a really great job of collating a lot of information into bite size pieces thats easy to follow and understand. Thank you!
— Charlene
Great info in an easy to listen format. Keep up the great work!!!
— Buddy