Angela's Chocolate Bliss Smoothie

Angela’s Chocolate Bliss Smoothie


1 large glass of chilled water (or coconut water)
1 Frozen banana
2 Tbs brown rice or pea protein powder - either vanilla or unflavoured (roughly 20g of protein)
1 Tablespoon Cacao
1 Tablespoon LSA
1 Teaspoon Lecithin
1 Teaspoon Chia Seeds
4-5 Ice Cubes

Optional Extras to boost the goodness

1 Teaspoon Coconut flakes, flesh or oil
1 Teaspoon Udo's Oil
1 Teaspoon Maca Powder
1 Teaspoon Organic smooth peanut butter (for choc-peanut flavor)
1 Small handful of baby spinach
Any other super foods you have handy you can add to your smoothy 


1. Place water (or coconut water) in blender with frozen banana – blend for 1 minute until the banana is smooth
2. Combine all remaining ingredients in the blender and blend together for 3 minutes or until smooth.
3. Add extra ice if needed – drink and enjoy as a quick, nutritious breakfast or a high protein snack.

TIP: You can easily adjust this recipe to create other delicious flavours - just cut out the cacao and peanut butter and replace with frozen organic berries or fresh or frozen mango, alternatively you can golden turmeric paste and chai spices for a different flavour again! Have fun and experiment with it!