143: 5 Reasons to Take a Walk Today

Angela shares with us 5 important and inspiring reasons why getting out and moving our body helps us feel happier, stronger, more energetic, and helps prevent many ailments!

She shows us why exercise can improve our immune system, heart health, bone density, energy, mood and more! So pop on this podcast and grab your shoes to take a stroll around the block as you learn why moving is so wonderful for your health!

142: The Dangers of Antacid and Proton Pump Inhibitor Use

In this revealing episode Angela discusses the uses, potential risks and dangers associated with long-term use of 2 readily prescribed medications - proton pump inhibitors and antacids. She also goes further to give us natural alternatives to these drugs, with wonderful herbs that pose no harmful side effects and can actually start to help us treat the problem of reflux and heartburn at the root cause!

141: Why Choose An Active Birth?

In this episode Angela explains the difference between a conventional, medically managed birth and a traditional active birth. The birthing process is a natural, safe process which women have done for thousands of years! It's only in the last century we have really started to medicalise birth to an extent that we can often be offered and even pressured into unnecessary medical intervention leading to unhelpful outcomes for both mum and bub.

Listen in today to learn the benefits of going back to basics - using upright, squatting or kneeling positions, limited intervention and natural methods of pain relief to encourage a natural, healthy birth that leaves you feeling strong, calm and empowered!

140: 3 Key Herbs for Optimal Heart Health

In this concise episode Angela shares with us her 3 favorite herbs for protecting and supporting heart health - Hawthorne, Garlic and Coleus. These herbs can help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, help keep your arteries and veins clear as well as supporting circulation and acting as a general heart tonic.

Listen in today to learn why these herbs are useful and how to use them to keep your heart happy and healthy!

139: The Pain and Power of Change

In this episode Angela invites us to open our hearts and have a meaningful chat about this pivotal, and sometimes painful, part of life: Change. Often we think change only comes out of a place of strength and inspiration, but many powerful, true changes come from a deep place of desperation. Although uncomfortable, getting to the end of ourselves can lead us to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities that we never knew existed and suddenly change dawns upon us in a powerful, inevitable and wonderful way. Listen in today to gain the encouragement and strength you need to step into the season of change that awaits.