132: Dangers of Antiperspirants

In this brief episode Angela explains why anti-perspirants and chemically based deodorants can be potentially very hazardous for our health, including and especially breast health, with links between the use of Aluminium based anti-perspirants and the causation of breast cancer.

Angela also chats about some safe alternatives that can be easily found in most health food stores or made at home!

131: 5 Benefits of Deep Breathing

Did you know breathing can lower blood pressure, stop a panic attack, support our immune and protect our heart? In our busy 21st century lives most of us tend to breath shallow, stress filled breaths that barely oxygenate our bodies. In this episode Angela outlines for us the 5 big benefits of learning to breath deeply, slowly and from our diaphragm. Before finishing this episode you will be equipped with the knowledge to once again breath powerfully and effectively!

129: Pelvic Floor Exercises in Pregnancy

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Why is it important to do this exercise in pregnancy? What is the pelvic floor and how to do exercise it? Learn in this short & sweet 5 minute episode exactly how to incorporate this vital practice into your every day routine during pregnancy and beyond to have a quick and strong recovery and avoid unpleasant symptoms such as incontinence and lower back pain.

128: Allergy Symptoms & Testing Options

Today we chat about the various methods of testing for potential allergens in our diet and environment. If you suffer from the classic hay-fever, hives, asthma and even anaphylactic responses you may already know you have an allergy but just need to conduct the right type of testing to find out what is triggering it, but perhaps you suffer from more insidious symptoms such as fatigue, tummy upsets, brain fog, seizures, mood changes, strange skin problems or more! If this is the case it could still be related to an allergic or intolerance responds. Angela chats all about this and the different types of testing available, helping us discover which test is most helpful and when!