How long have you been interested in natural therapies?

I became interested in health when I was 13 and my mother read a book “God’s way to ultimate health”, she went on to throw out everything we owned that came out of a packet or a can and all we began eating was food that was directly from the ground, unprocessed, unpackaged.

This spurred in me a great desire to understand the human body and what we needed to run this amazing machinery effectively. It has been a lifelong research passion of mine since then. I have learnt many profound principles for maintaining optimal health along the way.

What inspired you to start studying and become a Naturopath?

When I was in my mid to late teens I started to experience symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which continued to become quite debilitating as I grew older. Chronic illness is something that can wreak havoc on the mind and the body. It was then that I realized in order to change I had to get serious with the knowledge I was gathering.

I decided then to devote myself to studying the healing arts of naturopathy, nutrition, western herbs, iridology, bioresonance therapy and much more.

I subsequently was able to reverse the damage caused by the IBS I had experienced for years. This and other successes I achieved in helping treat family and friends during my years of study confirmed my passion for these healing arts and it turned into a dedication and a love of using these tools to help bring healing and freedom to people who have suffered for years with conditions that the medical profession could not help.

What kind of conditions can you help?

We treat the whole person, not the disease. So this means that we can treat the person no matter what the condition they have. Their body has an amazing ability to repair and self heal, my role is to provide your body with the resources it needs to be able to fufill this task.

This way we can treat a wide range of conditions from cardiovascular conditions, auto-immune diseases, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, migranes, IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and other gastrointestinal problems, urinary problems (frequent UTI’s, incontinence etc), mood disorders, weight problems, arthritis and much more.

The body has amazing capacity to regenerate and restore itself back to health. It is a personal joy of mine to walk the journey with my clients to the place where they have taken back control of their own health and reached their goals.

What treatments do you use?

  • I use a variety of treatments including;
  • Naturopathic Plans
  • Dietary adjustments
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Herbal medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Flower Essences
  • Bioresonance therapy (Pulsating Electro-magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Iridoligy

What testing can you perform?

I believe obtaining objective information about the state of health in a clients body is important. This also gives us essential markers for monitoring improvement during treatment.

Testing equipment I use:

  • In depth case history
  • HAQ – Health Assessment Questionnaire
  • Live blood analysis
  • Full Body Scan (Vega Check)
  • Blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Allergy Testing
  • Stool Analysis
  • Hormonal Saliva Analysis
  • PH Testing
  •  Heavy Metal Testing
  • Candida and Heliplyori Bactum Tests
  • PSA, HsCRP, Blood Glucose testing
  • Iridology


Angela Busby

What’s one thing you think everyone should know about their health?

That each of us are in control of our health. Our bodies have the unique and amazing capacity to work miraculous results when fed and supported with the right diet, nutrients, exercise and lifestyle. It is a simple choice that offers profound results when we choose to harness the power of this great being and take control of our health in order to live a long, happy, healthy and fulfilled life! The choice is ours!

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy draws on ancient and modern therapies combined to provide a current, relevant healing method. Naturopathy treats the whole person, not just a symptom or a disease. Naturopathy combines a wide range of therapies that are used to stimulate the body’s own natural resources, vital force, in order to heal itself and regenerate. Naturopathic principles are based around the empowering belief that the client’s body produces the healing within itself, the practitioner is simply assisting the body with resources. 

Each 7 years our entire body’s cells are replaced. Therefore there is enormouse healing capacity to ensure the blueprint for our new cells being created are happy, healthy and fully functional they way they were intended. This leads to longevity, abundant, fit, healthy bodies.

The therapies we use as Naturopaths to help stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms include; Diet and Nutritional strategies, Nutritional, Mineral and Herbal Supplements, Iridology, Energetic Healing Therapies including: Bioresonance Therapy, Flower Essences and Biomesotherapy. We often incorporate homeopathic therapies in our treatments as these work extremely well in conjunction with dietary and nutiritonal changes.

As naturopaths our desire is to spend time with you, educating you along your journey to health, so that you are empowered to maintain your new state of healing. 

Hippocrates, the founding father of medicine quoted, “Let thy medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine”

How do you view naturopathy in relation to conventional medicine?

I believe they are both relevant and necessary. I see how these two professions can work side by side to create optimal results for clients. If you break your arm – you don’t come to a naturopath, you go to emergency and have the medical staff set it in a cast. However if you have IBS and seek medical help, unfortunately you may find it a long, frustrating experience, because with these chronic conditions allopathic medicine dose not have many tools at their disposal beyond pharmaceutical medicine, which only treats the symptoms.

This is where naturopathy can assist greatly as there are a wide range of common sense therapies we can apply to halt and reverse chronic, long term conditions.  We treat the cause of the condition not just the systems. When you treat the underlying, root cause you begin to affect change throughout the whole body and symptoms will naturally begin to diminish. 

Another way to you could view it is… conventional medicine is Disease Care – they respond to disease states with pharmaceutical treatments, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. Naturopathy is Health Care – here we focus on building up the body, preventing disease and maintaining health through diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and lifestyle. Naturopathy aims to catch things early and treat them before they become a serious disease. Allopathic medicine is trained to respond to disease after it has manifested. 

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