137: Optimal Fetal Positioning

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Learn why it's important to encourage your baby into an optimal position in your womb throughout pregnancy and especially leading up to birth! Having a baby in an optimal position can greatly assist labour, reducing the length of time, pain and distress to both mum and bub.

With the simple techniques Angela shares in this episode, such as forward leaning and sitting positions, you can encourage your little one to get snug and comfy in the ideal position for both of you to have a wonderful birth experience. Listen in today to learn more!

Show notes & Resources

- Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning Book

- SpinningBabies.com

136: Treating Ear Infections Without Antibiotics

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In this episode Angela draws from her own personal experience with reoccurring ear infections as a child, having since learnt how we can heal ear infections safely and naturally without the use of harsh, gut disturbing antibiotics. Simple things like colloidal silver and garlic oil can be very effective at stopping an ear infection in its tracks! Angela also discusses how we can strengthen the body to prevent them in the first place too.

135: Healing Sinus Infections Naturally

Learn some simple and powerful natural remedies to treat sinus infections without the use of drugs or antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause havoc in the gut and leave us exposed for reinfection. Using the herbal and nutritional remedies Angela shares with us in this episode helps our body knock out infections as well as prevent them from reoccurring in the first place!

134: 3 Fantastic Herbs to Naturally Treat Back, Joint and Arthritic Pain

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Learn about 3 wonderful herbs, Boswellia, Turmeric & Willow Bark, which you can use to naturally treat back pain, joint pain or any arthritic aches and pains! These are Angela's top 3 picks when she wants to treat joint pain with natural anti-inflammatories and analgesics. It is possible to create pain relief naturally and slowly move away from the heavy drugs and medication. Listen in today to learn how!

133: Breastmilk and Baby’s Gut Flora Connection

In this episode Angela shares with us the amazing link research has now discovered between the good bacteria in the digestive tract of a breastfeeding mum and its transference, through breast milk, to her baby.

Through a very specialised system, our body can pass on to our children the good bacteria and probiotics from our own gut that our babies need to inoculate their digestive and immune systems, supporting them from day one to grow up strong and healthy! Listen in to learn about this amazing benefit of breastfeeding.