"Wi-Fried" Exploring the dangers of Wifi & Mobile Phones
 ABC Catalyst Episode

This is an eye opening video presented by Catalyst explaining in simple terms the dangers of using wifi devices. You can not see it or hear it but Wi-Fi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities.  Many of the mobile devices we carry close to our bodies like smart phones, laptops, tablets, even watches are connected to Wi-Fi.  Australia’s safety agency says there’s no evidence of harm, but that’s not the same as saying it's safe.  A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of wifi and wifi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick.  In this Catalyst investigation, Dr Maryanne Demasi takes a closer look at the link between mobile phones and brain cancer and explores whether our wireless devices could be putting our health at risk.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have children using wifi technology or playing on mobile phones please ALWAYS put the device/phone on 'Airplane Safe' mode when they are using it. This stops the device from emitting dangerous wifi signals and harmful radiation, which helps to protect your child.