7: Hormonal Imbalances - Are They Playing Havoc With You?

In this episode Angela unpacks and simplifies for us the complex world of hormones and how they affect us, how they can become imbalanced and the wide range of symptoms, conditions caused by simple hormonal imbalances. She explains that we not only require correct amounts of circulating hormones but for the body to be able to properly metabolize these hormones down the correct and protective pathways, to prevent serious conditions. She also explores Estrogen Dominance and Unopposed Estrogen, PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, Infertility, Menopause, Low Testosterone, Low Progesterone, Insulin Resistance and more. Angela will give you the tips and tools to start regaining hormonal balance and lifestyle suggestions to help you sustain this throughout all the seasons of your life.

Show Notes & Resources:

  • Chemical Maze - for decoding your ingredients to look for BPA, PCB's and phthalates. 
  • "Going Paleo" - Great resource & cookbook by Chef Pete Evans guiding you into a Paleo lifestyle with a 5 week meal plan, shopping lists and yummy recipes 

3 take away keys:

  1. Remove xeno-estrogens from your diet and environment – plastics containers, water bottles, plastic plates, shampoos, skin products, toys, baby bottles, canned food. Limit or consider removing soy (a phytoestrogen)

  2. Increase cruciferous vegetables in your diet, lower trans-fatty acids/packed and processed/sugary foods, buy organic food especially meat, increase protein, healthy fats and complex carbs – consider a Paleo diet.

  3. If your still experiencing symptoms consider getting tested via salivary hormone profile, urinary metabolites or blood tests and work with a practitioner to find the right treatment plan to rebalance your hormone levels and assist proper metabolism of these hormones.

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