88: Testing Options for Food Intolerances

In this episode Angela gets specific on the 3 main types of testing available to identify common food intolerances such as wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and much more. We can develop food intolerances at any point in our lives which can cause us a lot of pain, discomfort and often debilitating symptoms. Intolerances can be very hard to diagnose with a food diary alone, so tune in today to learn some great testing tools that can really help you identify the cause of your symptoms and start healing today!


Just in case you didn't have a pen handy here are the main things you'll need from the show:

  • 3 main types of immune cell responses (and this is what we test for) IgG, IgA, IgE (this last one is a true allergy)
  • ELISA testing and RAST skin testing can check for true allergies
  • Best tests for sensitivities: IgG, IgA or ALCAT testing


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