63: Gluten Free vs Wheat Intolerance - What's The Difference?

There's a lot of hype these days around going "gluten free". If you've ever wondered what this is really about, the difference between a wheat and gluten intolerance and when to consider that you may have coeliac disease, then this episode is 100% for you. Angela breaks all this down for us in an easy to understand way. She'll help you identify exactly what you may be intolerant to and how to eat a healthy diet without these grains. Angela also debunks the myths and clears the hype around gluten free so you can see what is important and what is just a fad. Listen now to start eating confidently & healthier for you and your family!

33: Wheat - A Dangerous Grain!

In this episode Angela shares with us the very real dangers and concerns around eating commercially produced GMO wheat. Unfortunately wheat is no longer what it used to be 100 or even 50 years ago... wheat is not a natural grain, it was hybridized from spelt (an original, truly natural grain), wheat has 3 times the amount of gluten than spelt has and now in most western countries is genetically modified.

All of this contributes to wheat being a highly inflammatory grain and one the causes harm in a lot of people, whether through immediate food intolerance symptoms or as a chronic, low grade inflammation over years that can lead to disease. Listen to find out more and learn about some great, yummy wheat alternatives!

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