12: Constipation - Causes and Cures

Not really a popular topic of most dinner conversations, so in this episode we thought we'd be the ones to brave this subject and shed some light on this little discussed but vitally important key to wellbeing - healthy bowel movements. What does a healthy bowel movement look like? How often should we be going to the toilet? Any main signs we should be looking for? How can we improve our bowels naturally and safely without causing dependance on medications?

Angela will cover all these questions and more as she shares practical, do it yourself, easy steps to improve gut and elimination functions, so you can start experiencing the health and quality of life that comes from a healthy working gastrointestinal tract. PLUS listen in for the tip of the week for an amazing body scrub recipe with a special ingredient.

Show Notes & Resources:

3 Take Away Keys

  1. Get familiar with what a normal healthy bowel movement should look like, use Bristol stool chart to track your own.

  2. Assess what may be causing your constipation – This could include :
    Lack of fibre in the diet – soluble / insoluble
    Stress / Sympathetic nervous system dominance
    SIBO / IBS
    Food intolerances/allergies
    Lack of digestive ability, enzymes
    Not chewing your food properly (for stimulation of the GIT)
    Dependance on laxatives
    Medications that slow transit time, relax the muscles, inhibit digestion (ie valium, PPIs)
    Certain iron supplements
    Holding it in for long periods – ie construction workers, nurses etc
    Parasitic infections / Dysbiosis

  3. Make the changes necessary to create a long lasting results, including dietary and lifestyle changes that are the basis for long standing good health!

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