70: Benefits of Homeopathics with Denise Molloy (Part 2)

Join us for part 2 of this great series with Classical Homeopath Denise Molloy as we chat about first aid prescribing with these remedies which are cost effective and easy to carry with you, we discuss dosages & potency as well as finding out Denise's own personal favourites she wouldn't leave home without! We also explore a little further how these energy medicines work and why there are important alongside a balanced lifestyle. All this and more in today's show, enjoy these pearls of health & wisdom!

Show Notes & Resources

Denise's favourite remedies she wouldn't leave home without:

  • Arnica: for bruising, accidents, prevention of swelling and bruising and secondary damage
  • Apis: for bites and stings
  • Arsen. alb: for food poisoning, tummy upsets and diarrhoea.
  • Aconite: 1 a day to boost the immune system while you are travelling and keep the colds and flus away

Remember it is best to take homeopathic remedies 10-15 mins away from coffee or toothpaste for best effect.

51: Homeopathic First Aid for Your Family (Part 2)

Tune in this week to hear the next 6 homeopathic remedies that Angela personally uses and recommends listeners have in their medicine cabinets for all first aid incidences. Angela shares with us remedies for burns, bites, stings, cuts/abrasions, common children ailments, nose bleeds, excess bleeding, sunstroke and much more!

49: Homeopathic First Aid for Your Family (Part 1)

We promised you a natural first aid kit and here it is! This is a 2 part series covering the top 11 homeopathic FIRST AID remedies everyone should have in their home medicine cabinet for those unexpected accidents.

Homeopathics are great, inexpensive but very effective energetic based remedies that have an effect in the body almost immediately. So this makes them great for first aid situations. In this episode Angela shares with us her personal favourite remedies for sprains, muscle/joint injuries, nausea, fevers, hangovers, common children upsets and much more!

You will leave this episode feeling confident that you can apply effective natural first aid for you and your family next time they need you!

Remember to tune in next week to hear about the remaining 6 remedies!

38: Emotions - How They Affect Your Body

Have you been trying to get well for a long time and not seen much progress? Perhaps you've tried every treatment under the sun - all of which may have worked for others but not for you. Well you are not alone and in this episode rather than looking only at physical ways to achieve healing Angela delves into the interesting world of how our emotions, memories and past traumas can affect our bodies even 30+ years later and how we can start processing these unresolved emotions and energy so that we can allow our bodies to truly heal.

Angela also shares with us a number of practical therapies that can assist with helping to shift and resolve these past emotional events so that we can live a life that is present, whole and filled with joy - with our body and mind at peace.

Show Notes & Resources

Emotional release therapies Angela mentioned in the show:

  • Headspace - Mindfulness Meditation App - great for beginners and experienced meditators.
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Neurological Integration System (NIS)
  • Homeopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Journaling to get in touch with your own emotions and understand what may be underlying your current state of health.

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