84: Water, Movement, Sleep and Nutrients with Dr. JB

In this jam packed episode we chat with Dr. JB, a previous pharmaceutical drug researcher and developer who shifted into valuing and working within a more holistic, nutritional approach. We talk about the 4 keys to balance in health and life - Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Hydration.

We cover some amazing topics such as: 

- How to evaluate 'fad' diets and supplements in the context of balance
- Why its important to eat whole foods
- What to look for in a quality vitamin supplement
- How our body uses water and the best ways to drink it
- How to start sleeping better

Join us today for this enlightening episode!

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83: Dangers of WiFi & Electromagnetic Radiation with Laura Graham (Part 2)

Join us for the second part of this 2 part interview series as Angela and Laura shed light on the topic of the silent dangers of wifi and electromagnetic radiation. In this episode we get practical with simple ways you can begin to protect you, your family and your home. Make sure to check out the great resources and links below from the show.

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82: Dangers of WiFi & electromagnetic radiation with Laura Graham

In this episode we delve into the world of WiFi, electronics and how these pieces of equipment may be adversely affecting our health. More importantly we identify simple, practical ways we can protect ourselves and our families while still living in 21st century, urban landscapes.

Arm yourself, over this two part series, with this powerful knowledge to allow you to make informed decisions to protect yourself and your family.

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70: Benefits of Homeopathics with Denise Molloy (Part 2)

Join us for part 2 of this great series with Classical Homeopath Denise Molloy as we chat about first aid prescribing with these remedies which are cost effective and easy to carry with you, we discuss dosages & potency as well as finding out Denise's own personal favourites she wouldn't leave home without! We also explore a little further how these energy medicines work and why there are important alongside a balanced lifestyle. All this and more in today's show, enjoy these pearls of health & wisdom!

Show Notes & Resources

Denise's favourite remedies she wouldn't leave home without:

  • Arnica: for bruising, accidents, prevention of swelling and bruising and secondary damage
  • Apis: for bites and stings
  • Arsen. alb: for food poisoning, tummy upsets and diarrhoea.
  • Aconite: 1 a day to boost the immune system while you are travelling and keep the colds and flus away

Remember it is best to take homeopathic remedies 10-15 mins away from coffee or toothpaste for best effect.

65: Why Eat Organic Meat with Matt Roberts (Part 2)

Part 2 in this series, we chat with Certified Organic Butcher Matt Roberts about the benefits of using different cuts of meat, how to make up a good, gut healing bone broth. How you can know the animals & livestock are being cared for properly when buying meat. The difference between concentrated feed lot animals and pasture raised organic, happy livestock. Matt shares with us what the inside of an organic farm looks like and much more! Join us today to learn more and know you're getting the safest and best quality meat for you and your family!

Show Notes & Resources

• Matt Roberts, Allsop & England Organic Butchers
297 Old Cleveland Rd
Coorparoo Queensland 4151
(07) 3397 4117

Elliott Premium - Matt's Queensland based Certified Organic beef & lamb farmer he mentioned on the show.

Bendele Farm - Matt's Queensland based Certified Organic chicken, ducks & turkey farmer. Great photos and updates on their facebook page of goings ons on the farm!

Food Inc

• Food Matters documentaries to learn more about the behind the scenes of how our food and livestock is being raised and grown - jam packed movies with great information!

64: Why Eat Organic Meat with Matt Roberts

Join us in this episode as we talk with Matt Roberts, a passionate certified organic local butcher. Matt helps us clarify the difference between certified organic, free range and conventionally farmed beef & chicken. We explore why it's important to know where your food is coming from and the dangers of conventionally farmed meat that have been raised with added estrogens, antibiotics and GMO grain feed.

55: Marina Perry on Pilates


This episode is a rip roarer of an interview with Marina Perry, entrepreneur, pilates instructor, health club founder and mother of two.

Grab a cuppa and join in as Marina & Angela chat about some juicy topics including: how we can develop our bodies to be strong, lean and healthy through the wonderful practice of pilates. How pregnancy is NOT a disease and tips on how you can be at your healthiest and strongest while your pregnant and bounce back into shape easily after birth. Explore what it means to find your passion and live authentically.

There is SO much wonderful information that we have split this interview into a 2 part series. So stay tuned next week for more!

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50: Amy Darcy on Perfectionism and Finding Peace

Join us for this inspirational interview with our host & naturopath Angela Busby & Amy Darcy, founder of Eat Pray Workout, a popular health and fitness blog catered to women.

You'll be encouraged as you hear topics covered such as:

  • How to grow beyond perfectionism, learn to be kind to ourselves and still ace our goals.
  • Amy's daily fitness routine (and free printable workout routines for listeners!)
  • Diets - do they really work?
  • How to have a healthy relationship with food & love your body
    And much more

Resources & Shownotes

busbynaturopathics.com - head to our website for more info on a range of health topics
- eatprayworkout.com - Amy Darcy's Website
- Article on perfectionism
- Fitness apps article
- Amy's #1 fitness app she uses "NIKE TRAINING CLUB"
- Book recommended on the show Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? (Kate Swann, Kristina Mamrot)