91: Herb Highlight - Astragalus The Immune Booster

This herb is one of Angela's favourite herbs which has been on her dispensary since day one! Angela explains how this herb is fantastic for chronic lowered immunity and ongoing infections and immune problems, it's also great for stress, lowering blood pressure, heart function and much more!

Listen in today to learn how you could use this herb to boost your immunity, give you energy and help keep you cool, calm and collected through times of stress.


  • Common Name: Astragalus
  • Botanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus
  • Main Actions: Immune enhancing, tonic, adaptogen, cardiotonic, hypotensive, diuretic.
  • Main Safety Considerations: Not advisable in acute infections. Best not used with immunosuppressant drugs. If you are on any medication best to notify your doctor before starting any new supplements or herbs.

87: Anxiety and Stress Reduction Plan

In this episode Angela chats with us about the many ways we can let the stressors of life, high expectations and just simply 'always being busy' affect our mental, emotional and physical health. Angela shares how she has had to personally work through these issues herself to come to a balance of balance and self acceptance. You will come away from this episode feeling encouraged and with some super practicals tips for how you can start to bring more peace, love and centeredness into your day.


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72: Anxiety and the COMT Gene Link

This episode is an introduction to the COMT gene and how it is related to anxiety disorders, stress, inflammation and disease. Angela explains how it is a very important gene in the methylation cycle and why it's important to look at COMT before diving into treating MTHFR with activated vitamins as you may be doing more harm than good.

Angela also shows use some simple diet and lifestyle ways we can support our genes and reduce our stress and anxiety.

22: Top Herbs For Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue

In this show Angela delves into the remarkable world of Phytotherapy and herbal medicine as she discusses a group of herbs called 'Adaptogens'. These herbs have a remarkable ability to assist our body in adapting to stressors - either mental, emotional or physical - helping the body back to homeostasis, boosting our energy and immunity and helping us heal.

Studies have shown that these adaptogenic herbs can reduce blood cortisol levels by up to 27% and overall stress, anxiety and insomnia markers by 75%. This is a remarkable result, especially when there are little or no side effects from herbs compared to the long and varied side effects from conventional medications. This makes herbal remedies, and specifically adaptogens, a very valuable addition to any treatment plan, to help your body heal, recover and reach it's ultimate potential.

Listen today to find out more ways adaptogens can start helping your body back to health and energy today!

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